Kind Words from Past Clients

I would strongly recommend Samantha to anyone looking for a “hands on” attorney, who is very easy to communicate with, extremely knowledgeable, and cost effective.  Samantha helped me immensely in numerous ways through my divorce.  She is insightful and caring.  She always laid out my options and approximate charges for each so that I could choose what I wanted to do.  She took the time to explain things to me in a way that were easy to understand.  She definitely had my best interests at heart.  All that and she’s a Tough Cookie for sure!  I felt extremely confident that Samantha could handle anything my Ex and his attorney threw at us.

Attorney Samantha Hughes is the most respectful individual to her profession. She respects her career, her clients, co attorneys, the courts, the law, PARENTS and most importantly CHILDREN. She is intelligent in her field and worked with a sense of urgency on my case, knowing that time was not on my side.

I came to her with a lost case. I had a lot to battle including some dirty work from our counter side. She did her research, she was persistent and consistent with the court. At all times she kept close and open communication with me. Her counsel was imperative in my gaining custody of my child once again.

I am extremely grateful for her work and applauded her for even towards the end focusing on a win win settlement for both sides.

Ms. Hughes handled opposing counsel well too, and they were not easy.

Having a quality attorney by your side in court is extremely important. I recommend Attorney Samantha Hughes.

I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Samantha during what I can only call a tragic divorce for the entire family.

Samantha handled our case with the careful care that it needed and skillfully created enough momentum to help us structure and attain a custody agreement without having to go to court.

I will always be extremely grateful for her dedication, she was consistently responsive, followed through with what she said she would do and kept on top of a large amount of discovery work in an organized manner. Samantha is as bright as they come, her strong work ethic matches her character and she is not intimidated by less graceful personalities.

When you are in the midst of watching your family fall apart, keeping your family from going bankrupt through the process can seem impossible. Samantha said she bills as she would want to be treated, there were never surprise fees or any question of over billing, and her rate is considerably lower than what she could, maybe should, be commanding.

I admire, respect and will be forever thankful for Samantha, Our family is in a better place because of her.

During a very difficult time, Samantha Hughes provided not only fantastic legal counsel, but also helped me feel emotionally stable when I otherwise didn’t. She handled my divorce with professionalism, sensitivity and support. She responded to all my questions quickly with sound legal advice as well as explained everything at my level, always trying to calm my doubts and fears. I appreciate all she did